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Laptop repair in Brooklyn.

Laptop repair in Brooklyn New York.  We offer a Free  pick up and delivery in Manhattan, Bronx and Queens and a Flat rate of 99$ for most of computer repairs.

If you were told by another computer repair company in New York, that you will need to replace your motherboard, or you need a laptop screen replacement because a dim light on the laptop screen, give us a chance to prove they were wrong.

Laptop not turning on doesn’t mean that you will need a motherboard replacement in all cases, sometimes the power jack on the motherboard needs to be replaced and with our flat rate Laptop repair NY we can do it for 99$ compare with 300$ to 500$ that other company will charge you for a motherboard replacement.

Having a dim light on laptop screen, does not meant all the times that you need a screen replacement. Laptop showing a dim light means that your inverter need to be replaced or your back light had its days. With our flat rate computer repair of $99 we can save you lots of money because usually a laptop screen replacement in New York will cost you around $400 with labor and parts.

Our  staff is CompTIA A+ computer repair technicians, with years in laptop repair New York field ready 24/7 to take off your shoulders the computer problems.

Our computer repair offices have the latest technology available on market regarding data recovery in New Yorkpower jack replacement in Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens, plus a large inventory of spare parts that we can use in cutting down the turnaround time.

On the PC market there are laptop brands and brands, these following lines were not mean to promote any laptop brand, these are just facts that we acknowledge in our years of computer repair service in New York area.

  1. HP laptop repair service in NY– that is the most common laptop brand in our shop brought for laptop repair. The most common problem that we found at HP laptops especially at DV series, including: DV2000, DV6000, DV9000, TX1000 is the video cipset. Because of the heat, the video cipset it’s loosing up from the motherboard: the lights are on, but no image on the laptop monitor. Some of the laptop repair services in NY will tell you that you’ll need a motherboard replacement, but in fact, if the video cipset it’s not burned, you can have it fixed without replacing the motherboard.

We are using latest technology on the market in soldering the video cipset making our work last for years.

2.   DELL laptop repair service New York – for DELL laptops the most common problem that we face is the power jack replacement. The symptoms: PC is running on battery, has no power, or will not charge the battery. We recommend a full jack replacement, not just solder the pins of the power jack on the motherboard, they will fail as  did it first time. Also, don’t listen to the other computer repair service in New York, ask the second opinion.

3.   IBM laptop repair service Brooklyn – The IBM are well known for the fan and heat sink problem. The best fix it’s the replacement of an old IBM heat sink with a new one. The most common symptoms are the noise when the fan it’s on or you’ll just get an error message. Also, your fan might be stacked with dust, and need to be cleaned. All this services  are included in our flat rate PC fix services.

4.   Sony Vaio laptop repair – the service mostly we provide is the laptop screen replacement in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx and Queens. With a large selection of replacement screen we are offering a short turnaround for laptop screen replacement in NY area.

Those are the most well known laptop brands on the US market. For the other brands like Toshiba, Acer, Gateway that are facing same common problems, our laptop repair service in New York is providing assistance in  PC data recovery in Manhattanlaptop power jack replacement NYClaptop LCD replacement Brooklyn, blue screen fix Manhattanlaptop with no bootlaptop with no power, on call virus removal service in NY, Brooklyn, Bronx.

We can solve all your computer problems regarding hardware or software malfunctions like:

1. Hard disk problems – when your system doesn’t recognize your HDD and you desperate need your data back, our technicians can take your case and deliver the data back, safe most of the time same day. Our New York data recovery service is available 24/7 by calling at the main office number, or just placing an enquire at the contact us page.  When you’re facing a blue screen, or the computer is not loading the operating system, or your PC is running slow it might be a hard drive failure. What we can do for you is to back-up all your valuable data, and try to repair the hard drive. The best fix is just to replace the hard drive with a new one and after have a regular back-up of your system and data.

2. Power problem – mostly caused by the power jack failure. Our Brooklyn power jack replacement service is available 24\7. With most of the laptop power jack model in stock, we are offering 1 business day turnaround time for the laptop repair service in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.

3. Screen replacement in New York – having a dim light on screen, red color or just spots on screen, all of this issues are related to a screen failure. It can be the back light, the inverter, the cables, a bad connection or the screen itself.

4. Virus removal service in NY – If your computer is infected with a virus or ad-ware we can help. We provide computer repair service in New York area, including virus removal in Brooklynad-ware removal Queensvirus removal in Manhattan and Harlem. The virus removal service is included in our 99$ flat rate laptop repair New York.  Most of the jobs are done on-site, but sometimes the infection is severe and you  just need an new operating system install in your PC. We will back-up your data, install the operating system and deliver the computer back, in most cases next business day.

5. Slow PC – Having your computer free of viruses, the windows registry clean a healthy hard drive, are things that will improve your computer speed. A sufficient amount of the memory also will help your computer run smooth, and capable to do more things in the same time like listen music, editing a document and surfing the web. We can perform a complete PC clean-up included in our 99$ flat rate NY computer fix, and help you choose the right components when you are upgrading your computer.