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Computer repair in Bushwick Brooklyn

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Computer repair in 11207, Computer repair in 11221 and Computer repair in 11237.


Here at Computer Repair in Bushwick Brooklyn, we service all desktop/laptop major brands, like:

Acer, Apple, Sony, Asus, Compaq, Dell, HP, Advent, Toshiba and Apple computers.

The most common hardware laptop problem, that Laptop Repair in Bushwich Brooklyn can help you with are:

• Cracked laptop screen
• Your screen is very dim; image can be seen only on a bright light.
• Horizontal and vertical lines across the screen
• Everything seems “on” but no picture, the laptop is turning on, but no image on the screen, sometime you can even hear the windows starting up sound.
• The power lead is loose when plugged in the laptop.
• The USB ports don’t work anymore.
• The laptop turns on and turns off immediately.
• The laptop doesn’t get any power at all.
• Some keys are missing or not working.
• You have spilled some liquid on your laptop.
• Your laptop overheats and stops working.
• Your desktop it’s not turning on.

Laptop Repair in Brooklyn software service, includes:
• Windows repair and install
• MAC repair and install
• Virus Removal
• Updates & Upgrades
• Any issues with:
Internet, WiFi, Office, Printer, Email, Program.
• Computer running slow.

Our data recovery in  Buswich service, can get your data back, fast and hassle free. We take care of all 3 levels of data recovery, with a flat rate of 120$ for first level of data recovery.
On-Site repairs usually take less than 1 hour.

We find 90% that of corrupt or slow-running computers can be fixed without the need to re install Windows or MAC operating system.