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Laptop repair in Brooklyn New York.  We offer a Free pick up and delivery in Manhattan, Bronx and Queens and a Flat rate of 99$ for most of computer repairs.

In most of cases, the blue screen it’s seen as a computer restart, to better diagnose the failure press F8 key at the windows start up after the logo screen, and disable automatic restart . Instead of keep restarting, the PC will show a blue screen with a special code used from our technicians to diagnose the failure.

The PC blue screen can have 3 major causes:

1. Hard drive failure – usually the bad sectors from your hard drive prevent the windows to access the information stored inside. Our PC repair service in NYC includes blue screen fix in Manhattan, same day blue screen repair in Brooklyn, and  low-cost blue screen Queens and Bronx.

Our technicians will first back-up your valuable data, and try to repair your hard drive first. If the amount of bad sectors is high, we recommend a hard drive replacement service. After we fixed or repair your hard drive, we will proceed with a new operating system install; we will upgrade the driver’s signature, and copy back your information to the hard drive.

It is a consuming time operation, but usually we offer next business day blue screen repair service in New York City

2. Driver incompatibility – Have you recently installed a driver for one of your new peripherals and after restart your computer displays a blue screen? The easiest way to fix this problem is just removing the driver from system using windows safe mod or just restores the windows to an earlier time. Be sure that you know what are you doing, or else you may need a new operating system install. If not sure that you are doing the right think just take our New York blue screen fix service and you will have your laptop repaired next business day.

3.Virus infection – Sometimes the virus infection can turn your screen in a fake “blue screen of death”.    SmitFraud Virus infects a computer and turns the screen blue, like the screen you see when there’s a really bad Windows error. Smitfraud logs the WebPages you visit and sends you fake antivirus programs without your permission that turn out to be more malware programs. Don’t panic. When your desktop goes blue, the Blue Screen Virus won’t be the death of your computer.  Give us a call and we can have a technician taking care of your blue screen error in less than an hour. Our on-site computer repair service in NY area, can deal with problems like: laptop blue screen fix in Manhattan, PC blue screen repair Brooklyn, low-cost laptop “blue screen of death” fix in Queens and same day PC blue screen repair Bronx.

If the blue screen it’s caused by a hard drive failure, and you don’t want to repair your laptop, we can get your data back from the old laptop and install it on another PC, or we can just back up your data on an external source provided by you.